When will I receive my GMK keycaps?

For our GMK group buys, we cannot give an exact date. Once orders close, it should take around 6-8 weeks for GMK to produce the product. We will then receive the product in around 2 weeks, and then the packing and shipping process will start. If the group buy is successful, the order number will be high, so this process will take some time. We estimate your keycaps will be sent within 3-4 months of the group buy closing orders. However, this is just an estimate. There can be unexpected delays. Regardless, everyone will be kept updated with the status of the GB frequently.

Can I pay through Paypal?

We originally wanted to use Paypal, but we are aware that people have run into trouble with them in the past. Paypal does not like pre-order style sales, especially from small entities. If we were to run our group buys through Paypal, there’s a high chance we would run into serious problems. This is why we use Stripe instead, which is a trusted service for card payments. Our website is fully PCCI-compliant, SSL is used during checkout, and none of your card information is stored here.

Where can I keep track of the current order count for your group buys?

For regular updates on the status of our group buys please follow our Twitter account.